Private Label Packaging

There is no such thing as free long term advertising in the advertising industry; it will cost a fortune to repeat your ad, but with Nurich Air Filter’s Fridge Aid and Ice Aid, you only invest your advertising dollar once, and your advertising will last year after year. The repeat sales are the return of your investments.

Now Nurich Air Filter Co. is offering a private label with the concept of advertising inside the fridge. It means the consumer will see your company brand every time the fridge is opened. Our Fridge Aid & Ice Aid will stay inside the fridge and freezer until it’s replaced. Fridge Aid & Ice Aid lasts up to 6 months but the customer will want to replace even sooner because the extreme odor from the fridge and from the ice cubes start to be more noticeable.

With the slogan “Fresh Ice makes a Fresh Drink” you will receive steady repeat sales from your deodorizers just like a fridge water filter.

This unique concept will let your brand stand alone inside the fridge and freezer with no other advertiser. Furthermore, repeat sales are the core concept.

Ongoing advertising with the repeat sales is our goal.

Benefits of Private Label Packaging:

  • Ongoing advertising and repeat sales
  • Increase your brand awareness with the colorful attractive packaging.
  • Ability to communicate directly to consumer with product and service information (i.e., your website address and reorder information can be clearly visible on each package).
  • Promotion bundle strategy to increase sales.
  • Ability to advertise other products and services on the package
  • Products can be fitted in any household fridge and freezer.